About Go By Yacht

We've been in the yacht charter industry for over 20 years and our hands-on experience covers everything from small 30 ft pleasure craft to sailing catamarans and large luxury motor yachts.

Our one-on-one exposure to countless charter guests in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and US waters has provided an intimate understanding of what makes a yacht vacation truly outstanding for the guest. And by relentlessly pursuing the perfect experience we have established trust and friendship with yacht owners and charter guests alike, measured by long lasting relationships which have endured through the years.

GoByYacht specialises in yacht vacations in the Bahamas and Florida where we have in-depth knowledge of the regions' attractions and sailing conditions and have close working arrangements with friends and partners in the tourist networks and local resorts.

Our approach to yacht charters is modern and innovative. We have been at the forefront of introducing new concepts and opportunities to make yacht chartering an option for today's vacationing family.

Come on board, we will make your vacation extraordinary!