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Florida Yacht Charter Destinations

Iconic Miami

Iconic Miami

The cruising grounds of Miami provide a seemingly inexhaustible list of options to charter guests and our fine selection of luxury yacht rentals will make your Miami yacht vacations absolutely unforgettable.

Experience Miami's skyline from the deck of your yacht, better still as a backdrop to dinner on the aftdeck.

Miami Beach is separated from downtown Miami by the upper reaches of Biscayne Bay and between the two you will find Miami's most iconic views.

The charms of the downtown skyline, the exclusive islands that are home to the rich and famous, through a series of channels to the Port of Miami and Bayside and of course, Miami Beach itself - sometimes disconcerting and always fascinating, fabulous beaches, excellent shopping and the people… well, you have to be there to believe it.

Your Miami luxury yacht charter will be a breathtaking experience!

Downtown Miami Miami Fisher Island
Miami Celebrity Homes Miami Sunset

Iconic Miami Attractions

  • Take a relaxing cruise along the intracoastal waterway admiring the charm of the downtown skyline as you make your way to Bayside Market, hosting over 150 speciality shops, cafes and restaurants where you can soak up the lively atmosphere with its daily live music and fun vibe.
  • Make passage past Palm island and Hibiscus island to the sprawling, magnificent homes on Star Island. With just 30 odd homes, Star Island is synonymous with superstar style and glamorous lifestyles and boasts more celebrity residents per square mile than anywhere else outside Hollywood.
  • Miami Beach is the best area in Miami for soaking up some rays on a sandy beach and it is something of a legend in the city. Glitz and glamor are the order of the day at the many restaurants and night clubs and the quirky Art Deco district is a must-see.
Miami Beach Miami Beach Art Deco
Miami skyline Miami Bayside market Miami Star Island
Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay

Travel southwards on your Miami private yacht charter, from Miami under the Rickenbacker causeway and into the azure waters of Biscayne Bay following the intracoastal waterway as it winds its way down into the Florida Keys.

Mangroves and sea grasses provide habitat for fish, shellfish, sea turtles, and manatees, particularly in the southern part of the bay, and bird life abounds along its shores and shallow waters.

If sightseeing is your thing, hug the mainland of the bay down to Dinner Key and its famous marinas with lots of little shops and restaurants.

For the more active, make your way to Key Biscayne and visit the Nixon Beach sand bar and Stiltsville.

Biscayne Bay Coconut Grove Biscayne Bay Beach
Biscayne Bay Shoreline Biscayne Bay Snorkeling

Biscayne Bay Attractions

  • The tropical oasis of Coconut Grove has a warm, laid-back atmosphere with charming boutiques, galleries, gourmet restaurants, sidewalk cafes and sailboats anchored at the bay. The neighborhood’s distinct bohemian flair and lush tropical canopy make this one of Miami’s favorite neighborhoods for locals and visitors alike.
  • Key Biscayne has terrific beaches and the added appeal of being sandwiched between two major parks – Crandon Park to the north and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park to the south. Key Biscayne also offers a nearby coastal barrier reef, stellar water activity options and local eateries famous for their food as well as their idyllic location.
  • Further south the remains of historic Stiltsville tells an incredible story of pirating, bootlegging and The High Life. Originally the collection of colorful houses on stilts were a prohibition-era stopover for the rum-run from the Bahamas, eventually becoming the South Beach of its day in the 50s when it was the place to be seen.
Miami Beach Biscayne Bay Marina
Coconut Grove, Biscayne Bay Nixon Sandbar, Biscayne Bay Stiltsville, Biscayne Bay
Key Largo

Key Largo

The Florida Keys located south of Miami are a special place made up of more than 40 islands. People are drawn to the unique atmosphere of the Keys, the lure of world-famous sunsets, tropical beaches and spectacular snorkeling and scuba diving sites.

Key Largo is the first and northernmost of the Florida Keys, home to tropical hardwoods, winding creeks, two state parks, a national park and a portion of a national marine sanctuary.

Key Largo calls itself the “Diving Capital of the World” because of the living coral reef a few miles offshore which attracts thousands of scuba divers and sport-fishing enthusiasts.

Watersport activities in Key Largo are plentiful, including fishing, kayaking and swimming with the dolphins.

Key Largo shoreline Key Largo nights
Key Largo Scuba Diving Key Largo beach

Key Largo Attractions

  • The best way to see the underwater beauty of the Florida Keys is up close and personal on a scuba diving adventure - wrecks, marine life and attractions like the "Christ of the Abyss" statue.
  • If you find diving intimidating or don't want to take the time to learn the necessary skills, the clear water of Key Largo makes snorkeling just as enjoyable an experience.
  • If you're in the mood for a light workout on the water, go kayaking either in the Everglades or long the Key Largo shoreline.
  • Casual or upscale dining is a must in Key Largo, with excellent fish houses, local beach clubs and cafes boasting a variety of South Florida traditional specialties. The nightlife is relaxed yet packed with fun, so grab your flip flops and get cozy with the locals!
Key Largo Beach Key Largo Restauran
key-largo_underwater Key Largo Kayaking Key Largo diving
Bimini, Bahamas


Bimini consists of two main islands; North Bimini Island and South Bimini Island, as well as numerous cays. Located just 50 miles off Florida’s coast, it boasts miles of pristine beaches.

The Gulf Stream rushes north, washing past Bimini, feeding and warming its coral reefs and serving as a watery highway for everything from marlins to mantas, dolphins to sea turtles. Even the famous author, Ernest Hemingway, was lured to Bimini by tales of the incredible fishing available here.

Only one airport serves Bimini. Daily scheduled air service is available from Nassau, Grand Bahama and Florida. There is also a seaplane service into Resorts World Bimini.

Being as close as it is to Florida, it is an ideal destination for Florida overnight sailing trips or as a first-stop on Bahamas yacht charters departing from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.

Beach-side restaurant in Bimini, Bahamas Watersports in Bimini, Bahamas
The sites of Bimini, Bahamas Big Johns in Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini Attractions

  • You can snorkel in shallow lagoons and over reefs, kayak in the creeks, flats, ponds and the ocean, go kite-boarding and paddleboarding, ride a water trampoline or Hobie Cats, and have a unique adventure swimming with wild Atlantic spotted dolphins.
  • More than 50 record-setting catches have been made in Bimini waters, including huge tuna, wahoo and swordfish. The flats have an abundance of bonefish and wrecks close to shore hold large grouper, fan-size grunts and schools of snapper.
  • Bimini might be small, but it’s big on beaches, most of which have fine white sand and are found on the west side of North Bimini. The most popular is a long section of three continuous beaches, stretching from Alice Town to Bailey Town.
  • Bimini offers fun-filled family activities from dawn to dusk. Activities on the water include swimming, picnicking, snorkeling, kayaking and much more.
Diving off Bimini Beach on Bimini
Fishing off Bimini Family fun on Bimini Beach-side bar on Bimini

All Inclusive Charter Itineraries

All-inclusive itineraries are available for your Florida private yacht charter — day charters in Miami and overnight charters to Bimini and Key Largo.

Miami Day Charters

Iconic Miami, Florida

Iconic Miami ½ or 1 day

Downtown Miami, Port of Miami, Bayside, Star Island and Miami Beach.
Available as a half-day and 1 day trip.
Book It From: $ 3,700 (½ day)
Book It From: $ 4,930 (1 day)

Biscayne Bay, Florida

Biscayne Bay 1 day

Hug the mainland down to Dinner Key then across the bay to the sandbar at Nixon Beach and finally on to Stiltsville.
Book It From: $ 5,100

Florida Overnight Yacht Rentals

Key Largo, Florida

Key Largo 3 day

Explore the sights and sounds of the Keys, choosing the activities you prefer.
Book It From: $ 17,760
Bimini, Florida

Bimini 3 day

Relax, explore, fish, snorkel, dive ... or all of the above! Make it all about what you enjoy.

Trip is weather dependent, so date may be subject to change.
Book It From: $ 17,760

Custom Private Charters in Florida

Plan your own yacht charter itinerary or tell us what should be included and we'll help plan it for you.

Custom charters can depart and end wherever you wish - for day rentals, overnight sailing trips or an extended vacation. This includes planning a Florida Keys yacht charter whether departing from Miami or Key West. Use the 'Help-Me-Choose' link in the bookings section.

Luxury Yachts for Your Florida Trip

All charter yachts in our fleet are luxury motor yachts.

Unsure which charter yacht to select? Contact us, we'll recommend a suitable Florida yacht rental for your itinerary. And, if you don't find your ideal charter yacht in the fleet, let us know what you're looking for and we'll find it for you ... from 35 ft fast center-consoles to 200 ft superyachts.


Most luxury motor yachts will carry 12 day guests and 6 - 8 overnight guests. Sleeping accommodation is determined by the number of cabins (usually 2 guests / cabin).


Each luxury yacht carries a variety of water toys. Check that these suit the preferred activities of your charter party.


Day rentals only include beverages. You should self-cater for alcohol, snacks and meals for the trip. In the case of rentals longer than a day, full catering is included in the charter fee. Larger yachts in the fleet will include a personal chef who will prepare meals for you.


The yacht rental cost is quoted per week and per day. This is the price for the use of the yacht and its facilities. The APA (an additional 30-35%) applies to all rentals longer than a day, while day rentals will have an additional cost for fuel. Miami yacht rental prices exclude crew gratuity of 10-20%.

New to yacht chartering? See our guide to the cost of a yacht charter.

Tap the image to view the brochure.

Motor Yacht Legend and Soul
Legend and Soul 62 ft 12 6
Motor Yacht Stay Cool
Stay Cool 72 ft 12 8
Motor Yacht The Good Life
The Good Life 75 ft 12 6
Motor Yacht Own The Night
Own The Night 78 ft 12 8
Motor Yacht Top Gun
Top Gun 82 ft 12 8
Motor Yacht Chip
Chip 84 ft 12 8
Motor Yacht Friday
Friday 102 ft 12 9
Motor Yacht Julia Dorothy
Julia Dorothy 103 ft 12 8
Motor Yacht Nirvana
Nirvana 110 ft 12 8
Motor Yacht Jopaju
Jopaju 112 ft 12 8
Motor Yacht Impulsive
Impulsive 126 ft 12 8
Motor Yacht Usher
Usher 154 ft 12 12

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