Long Island, Bahamas

Long Island Yacht Charter

80 miles long and no more than four miles wide at its broadest point, the Tropic of Cancer runs directly through the island, giving it two very different coastlines; the dramatic cliffs and caves fronting the crashing Atlantic waves and the sandy edged lee side which slopes calmly into the Bahamas Bank.

Steeped in history, the island was visited by Christopher Columbus in the 15th century when he named it 'Fernandina'. A statue is erected on a high point above Columbus Cove in his honour. The island has many other historical attractions dating to the slave trade and includes the ruins of the oldest church in the Bahamas, St Mary's, erected by the Spaniards.

The island is a haven for fishers, divers and boaters, boasting world-class bonefishing and thrilling encounters with sea life. Visitors will find soft pink and white-sand beaches that gradually slip into peaceful turquoise waters and plenty of fascinating snorkeling venues.

Daily scheduled flight service is available to the island from Nassau.

Beach on Long Island, Bahamas Cliffs on Long Island, Bahamas
Beach-side dining & drinking on Long Island, Bahamas Exploring the coast of Long Island, Bahamas

Yacht Charter Info

Long Island is part of the remote outer-islands and you should fly to Long Island from Nassau to board your charter yacht here.

Alternatively, include Long Island in an itinerary from Little Exuma. The sailing time from Williams Town on Little Exuma to northern and central Long Island is under 2 hours.

If you need help planning a custom itinerary for your yacht charter use our Custom Itinerary Form to get suggestions.

Map of Long Island, Bahamas


  • Great dive experiences include varied reefs and watching sharks feed or diving a wreck sitting upright in 90 feet of water. You will gaze in wonder at Dean’s Blue Hole where every year free-divers from all over the world come to try to beat the free-diving world record.
  • Anglers can engage in fly and spin-casting bonefishing on the flats, or go out deep-sea sports fishing. Blue marlin, black, blue and yellow-fin tuna, and wahoo are some of the prizes you're likely to catch.
  • Long Island is endowed with natural beauty and charm that provides endless opportunities to experience nature hikes, nature walks, and eco-marine activities. Visit Hamilton's Cave one of the largest caves in The Bahamas with passages 50 feet wide and a ceiling over 10 feet high.
  • Long Island's beaches are dramatic, serene and scenic, stretching as far as the eye can see. Be sure to include the beautiful Cape Santa Maria Beach.
Cliffs on Long Island, Bahamas
Long Island Cliffs
Fishing off Long Island, Bahamas
Fishing off Long Island
Hamilton's Cave on Long Island, Bahamas
Hamilton's Cave
Beach on Long Island, Bahamas
Long Island Beach
Columbus Harbour,Long Island, Bahamas
Columbus Harbour