Berry Islands, Bahamas

Berry Islands Yacht Charter

Composed of a cluster of 30 cays, the majority of these islands are uninhabited. It's not uncommon to stumble across a footprint-free beach or private cove. You could spend an entire day without seeing a single soul.

Miles of secluded swim-ashore beaches, invigorating snorkeling and dive sites, and championship sport fishing are just a few of the highlights that make the Berry Islands a desired destination.

Great Harbour Cay in the north, 7 miles long, is the largest island in the chain with the main settlement of Bullocks Harbour an ideal place to do some shopping and enjoy the cultural experiences of the Berry Islands.

Chubb Cay in the south is a great fishing destination known for bonefish as well as mackeral and marlin catches.

In between lie secluded, pristine beaches and simply wonderful snorkeling and dive experiences.

Daily scheduled air service is available from Nassau, Grand Bahama and Florida into Great Harbour Cay. Charter flights are also available to Chub Cay Airport.

Chub Cay on the Berry Islands, Bahamas Aerial view of the Berry Islands, Bahamas
Harbour Cay on the Berry Islands, Bahamas Watersports in the Berry Islands, Bahamas

Yacht Charter Info

Within 4 to 5 hours sailing from Bimini and Abaco, and 3 hours from Nassau and Andros, the Berry Islands are suitable as an island-hopping stop-off on your Bahamas yacht charter.

The Berry Islands is also available as an all inclusive 3 day charter from Nassau.

If you need help planning a custom itinerary for your yacht charter use our Custom Itinerary Form to get suggestions.

Map of Berry Islands, Bahamas


  • The 12,000-feet Tongue of the Ocean surrounds the southern cays, offering a large variety of marine life that makes these islands great for marine eco-tours.
  • You can explore miles of beautiful, spacious beaches with clear water and clean sand, great for shelling and making sand castles, and some with shade for picnicking. Sugar Beach, considered one of the prettiest places in The Bahamas, consists of numerous sandy coves set among cliffs, said to resemble the great Mediterranean beaches.
  • The Berry Islands offer spectacular blue hole, cavern, reef, wall, and wreck diving with several "must-see" sites. You can dive 20 feet off a cliff into the famous Hoffmann's Cay blue hole or walk into the blue hole near Bullock‚Äôs Harbour from the shore.
  • Visit Stingray City, where you can swim with the Rays who will greet you with the familiarity of an old friend.
Blue Hole on the Berry Islands, Bahamas
Hoffmann's Cay Blue Hole
Beach on Berry Islands, Bahamas
Secluded Beaches and Caves
Diving off the Berry Islands, Bahamas
Diving off Berry Islands
Sugar Beach on the Berry Islands, Bahamas
Sugar Beach, Berry Islands
Kayaking at Thunder Cave, Berry Islands, Bahamas
Kayaking at Thunder Cave, Berry Islands