Yacht Tenders and Toys

Luxury yachts include a range of yacht tenders and toys as part of the yacht charter package. They shouldn’t be an after-thought when selecting the right yacht for your vacation as they’re a huge factor in how much you enjoy the experience.

The style and accommodation of the yacht are akin to the criteria you consider when selecting a vacation resort. The yacht tenders and toys often make the difference between favoring one yacht over another.

You have preferences for activities you enjoy so it’s important to have the yacht accessories that suit those preferences. This is particularly true for families with children who will certainly make the most of having fun in the water.

It’s worth noting that larger yachts will obviously offer a wider range of tenders and toys. Also, they are likely to include more exotic toys than smaller yachts. Remember though, you can always request the yacht hire a specific toy for your charter.

Yacht Tenders

Rigid inflatable yacht tender
rigid inflatable yacht tender

Yacht tenders are not only essential for ferrying guests between the yacht and landings such as a beach or dock but also as a pleasure craft for towing skis, inflatables, wake boards and so on. They are also ideal for exploring shallows and narrows which might be inaccessible to the yacht itself.

center-console yacht tender
center-console yacht tender

There are a various types and sizes of tenders to suit the requirements of the charter yacht. On some yachts there may even be more than one tender.

Yacht Toys


Mother and daughter snorkeling

The most popular activity on your yacht charter is snorkeling, simply because of the ease of reaching so many fabulous snorkeling locations.

Couple snorkeling in Thunderball grotto.

Every yacht carries masks and fins in all sizes allowing the whole family to get up close to the sea life around coves and reefs.

Scuba Diving

Some yachts carry a full compliment of scuba gear for guests who are qualified for scuba diving. Other yachts will offer rendezvous diving – diving excursions lead by an independent diving company who may also provide an instructor.

Scuba diving along a reef

Well worth taking lessons before your departure if you are chartering in a region known for great scuba diving attractions. It’s an experience that just has to be on your bucket list.

Sea Bob

Being towed by a Seabob on the surface

Staying with the underwater scene, the Sea Bob is a self propelled water sled that tows the swimmer without the need for fins. An effortless and exciting way to get around — on or underwater.

Underwater exploring using a Seabob

Mini Submersible

The ultimate underwater adventure, unfortunately limited to the superyacht league.

Carrying 2 to 6 passengers the mini sub can dive to depths of up to 600m and provide real Jacques Cousteau type experiences.

Personal Water Craft

Couples returning to luxury yacht on Jet Skis

Water scooters which carry up to four people and are small, fast and easy to use. They are best known by the popular brand names, Jet Ski, Wave Runner and Sea-Doo. They are enormously popular and safe to use.

Family ride on a Jet Ski


Wake board

Your charter yacht is sure to feature a range of toys for towing behind a tender or water scooter. Water skis and a variety of inflatables like tubes, donuts and bananas provide for hours of fun, thrills and spills bouncing around at speed.

Inflatable tube towed by yacht tender


Water slide from the upper deck of a luxury yacht

Favorites of kids and adults alike, the inflatables aboard your charter yacht can create an entire playground alongside the yacht. A sea pool provides a protected environment in which to splash about. Water slides offer an exhilarating descent from the yacht into the water. Climbing walls and towers and bouncers will keep kids entertained for hours.

Inflatable water toys

Kayaks & Canoes

Kayaking through mangroves

Inflatable, rigid, one person or more. The converted will tell you there is no better activity than silently gliding through the narrows of a mangrove swamp, exploring caves and cliffs along the shoreline or beaching your kayak on a deserted sandy beach.

Kayaks on a beach

Paddle Board

Escape on your own for some quiet time or make it a family outing to a beach. There are endless hours of enjoyment under your own steam and it’s easier than you think on these stable platforms.

Family on paddle boards

Wind Toys

Kite surfing

Some yachts cater for water sports lovers who are into thrilling rides with wind surfers, kite surfers and sailing dinghies. Not as common on yachts as other toys, so if this is your thing check the standard list of toys or inquire about hiring them for your vacation.

Self-propelled Toys

Riding on electric foil boards
courtesy liftfoils.com

For thrilling water sport experiences without the need for wind, waves or a tow, new innovations using electric power include jet-boards and hydrofoils. New products reach the market daily so expect a wide range of self-propelled personal watercraft to appear in more and more yacht inventories.

Riding on an electric-powered surf board
courtesy onean.com

Take a look at the yachts in our charter fleet to see what water toys are available for your yacht vacation.

No matter your age, your yacht tenders and toys will introduce you to new ways to enjoy the watery surrounds of your yacht vacation – experiences that will last a lifetime.

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